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Humorous, provocative, gorgeous - your work is so fresh & fun! Looks great in this venue - Congratulations! PS, I hear people giggling all around me.

Thank you for this more full experience of your work, your play, your vision and your wisdom. Next I look forward to your linen show (nudge, nudge).

Just what the hell could I write? Perfect -

The perfect intersection of beauty, poetry, skill, and message ... with a cherry and a sparkler on top. Anything that makes me think is always memorable and welcome. Thank you!!

Since I judge the art opening based on how hard I get, I can say with confidence that yours, Laura, was a very large success. Another happy ending.

From my roommate:
Great job on the show. It was totally worth having penises & vulvas around the apartment the past few months. I look forward to more genitalia gracing the confines of our pad.

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