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jello demise of the prayer flags

The Benders doily show is now over.

I heard something like this from Lisa as she delivered my doilies to me:

Um, I have all your doilies but ... um ... well ... there was a minor mishap with your small penis prayer flags. Seems the bar hosted an evening of jello fights and ... well ... the pieces got gooed up a bit with jello stains. They've offered to pay for your piece.

Me: Are you kidding? I want the sticky evidence for a good story!

And there you have it.

review by the gentle howling screamer

Just like many of you being confused by the quiet person I seem to be and the loud doilies I create (at least you tell me you think they're loud), I met a very gentle woman soul whose blog is called howling screamer. We gently and thoughtfully discussed my doilies last weekend as I gallery sat for my doily exhibit. I smiled when I saw the name of her blog, Howling Screamer. She also describes herself as an Art Fondler. And she says she'll write about whatever else tickles her rotten little pickle. Ahhh, a kindred spirit. In response to the show, she wrote this post.

competition is tough

Two young guys walked into my doily show this afternoon while I was gallery sitting. One sauntered into the middle of the room, laughed and proclaimed, "Now this is my kinda show!"

I asked them how they found out about the show.

We were just walking by. Trying to go to the gun store but they were closed. Then we saw all these interesting things in here. Sorry you were second choice to a gun store ... but ... their sign was bigger.

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