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sfissexy.jpg In her San Francisco is Sexy blog, Kathryn Vercillo highlights online shops local to our dear city that she thinks are sexy.  my etsy shop Crumbs on the Sheets made her list.

I checked her list and fell in love with the sensuous clothing of Rose La Biche.  then I looked at her page - she's a full-time freelance writer covering all sorts of topics.  I followed links to everywhere including writings on creativity and creating wealth by giving time and, gee, I wanna meet this woman!

She writes, "... Sexy isn't just about sex. It's about passion and inspiration and ...".  Read it all here.  I aGREE!!  I am also a big fan of our town because for over 20 years I've seen it as that stunning combination of both ordinary and magical at the same time!

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