is it a body part or not?

jenMcNeelyNips.jpg Jennifer McNeely has done it again.  she's created a slew of new work that plays with that fuzzy border between an erogenous body part and plushy squishy benign pillow ... toy ... thing.

through a show of Jens, called Jen11 ---eleven women artists of the same generation named Jennifer---jens generating genuine generational genius, I call them--- she offers many new pieces which continue to make me laugh.  I first wrote about her here.

a new artist to me is making similar feeling pieces out of ceramics.  she is not a Jennifer but she's from the same jen-eration.  her name is Christiane Haasesee what I mean?

through the blog of Kirsty Hall, who does some amazing pieces with straight pins, I'm introduced to ... alsokaizen ... and an emotive floaty spiney nodule-y fiber piece here.

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