does hair really matter?

what I really like about this experiment of theirs is that it makes me think again ... and again ... what we make of hair.

hair seems to be loaded with meaning for us.  do you have enough in the right places?  too much in the wrong ones?  is it the right color? length? texture?  if it's not connected to a living body, do we want to touch it?

but what if we all had hair like this, growing long out of our eyelids?  or out our noses?  and we were so used to it we didn't see it as odd.  in fact, if you bucked the trend and cut your nose ponytail off, you'd look freakish.

how freakish do we all look today to the aliens who are trying to decide if they want to make contact or not?

note: I could not find the original source of these photos.  search "longest eyelashes" and maybe you can.  if you know, I'll gladly update this post with references.

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