lasered toilet paper jokes traded

I worked with a lively group of high school students at Independence High School in San Jose a while back.  They heard I'd etched my face onto a toilet paper roll innard and chimed in to deliver me this jolly green giant of a cardboard tube etched with "Laura's Super Duty Toilet Tissue".
tpSuperDuty.jpgpretty good etching, guys! the grooves would be fun with silly putty if I have any spare time around this object.
tpThanksMachine.jpgin thanks, I laser cut this message and had it delivered back to them.
tpThanksMessage.jpgThanks for your charmin' gift!
for the curious - of all the materials I've lased, this one used the least amount of heat - at the fastest speed with hardly any power.  the exhaust was something to be reckoned with as you can see with the dense use of washers.  due to the good and strong exhaust, the little cutout pieces would blow around before they were done getting cut, sometimes keeping another part of that same letter from being cut. shown above is my second run.  I almost had to tape down the end roll to keep it from tp-ing the inside of the machine while the job was running but this one turned out to be just heavy enough to stay put.

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