only real men wear camo aprons

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camoApronAbe.jpgAbe, you increase my faith in the male phylum/species/gender/bunch o' people.

camoApronAbeCaution.jpgonly the realest of the real will also model a reversible camo apron with caution fabric.

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oh, when the men of TechShop don a camo apron ... where did Pat get his hotness? from Dad! more hot apron men... Read More


Abe,I make you this promise here and now expect to see these pics Poster Sized at your retirement party in 25 or so years Buddy!

It's the suspenders that totally make the outfit. Not everyone has the panache to pull that look off.


These guys have found a higher calling.

Does the photo shoot show "the real" Pat and Abe or "the other" Pat and Abe?

Submit the wonderful "Apron photo session to Abercrombie and Fitch, Macy's.

caption..."Duo are THE new hot models for the decade".

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