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duck lays car


duckLaysCar-close.jpgoff balance from a treacherous delivery?
the story behind this laying.  friends watched a dog that belongs to the woman who also owns this car.  friends brought the dog to this place to give her back to her owner after the owner got back from her trip.  as the friends left, they perched the dog's toy on top of her car.

it is possible the dog is just a few inches taller than this duck.  this doesn't stop her from carrying it everywhere she goes ... by the neck.

correction: yes, it's a goose.  the dog doesn't particularly care for duck although she did quite a number on a frog the other day.  stuffing and frog body parts everywhere.

do zombies have birthdays?

if so, I have just the cake.



zombieOClose.jpgoh, yum.

details for the curious - I'd been playing with lasering this icing earlier and it was so hard to get a good etch. kind of drove the message. wish I'd had an up close video to record the nasty looking burning and oozing. the parameters I used - too comlicated to report and I used many rounds, some on just one or two letters while I tried to figure out just what interesting effects I could pull out of this misbehavin' mess.

guppies ... pit bulls ... all the same

my friend Will Davis is rife with riffs that I just cannot keep to myself.

I found this line in an apartment rental ad and forwarded to him:
   No Pets including fish

to which he responded - and I share with his permission:

Yeah, if you have a goldfish that smokes, you're REALLY up shit creek.

But seriously, fish can be a problem. My roommate had two guppies, and one
time I came home, and there was guppyshit all over the rug and the kitchen
trash was pulled out. Damn. Hundreds of dollars to clean it up.

And I've lived in beautiful places where I had to move out because the
neighbor's guppies would keep you up all night.

I know, I know, it's not the guppies, it's the owner. And sometimes, people
just want the security of having a guppy or two, just to scare off the
burglars. But they just get out of hand. It's genetic. Guppies were
originally trained by the Chinese for warfare. Some were Fifteen, twenty
millimeters long. Scary. And yeah, they bred them down to a reasonable
size, but like I say, it's the genetics.

And the other thing. A lot of time people who have guppies mistreat them.
I've seen the ASPCA go in and pull ten, fifteen guppies out of a house. Half
of me is disgusted, half of me, my heart is breaking.

maker faire 2009

Maker Faire '09 started out for me seeing this at the Hayward Park CalTrain Station.  yesss.

makerFaire09-john.jpgvinyl cutter extra- ordinaire

makerFaire09-salmonWhale.jpgembroidered salmon whale

makerFaire09-boys3.giftrouble if there ever was any

nuclear thread spool holders

threadHolderMachine.jpgI'd made a couple jigs to hold large spools of thread for the sewing machines at TechShop.  they looked so unofficial that several ended up in the trash by those who knew not what great service these wobbly pieces o' metal and old cans were providing.

at left is my latest version out of wire (rightmost) and closer to the machine is one made by Dr. Lathe.  this is the kind of thread holder jig that would be found on a nuclear submarine - if nuclear submarines carried sewing machines - do they?

It.  Will.  Do.  The.  Job.

what spool of thread that you know of is not gonna behave when placed on this?  I rest my case.

mine were so bad I had to put signs on them begging people to save them from trash can doom.

but no more.  I'm gonna see if I can pay Dr. Lathe to make me two for home.

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