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hand embroidered meat

plated embroidered ham with rosemary and grape garnish

1000 ice men against global warming

body art - my favorite as you know - although this work is not constructed of fiber but of ice - and makes a good point.

more pics of Nele Azevedo's installation.

the beauty in cardboard

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Vanessa Schnatmeier finds gorgeous beauty in old, tossed pieces of ... cardboard.  applying a scrollwork design to it via the laser cutter, she coaxed out this gorgeous shape that creates intriguing light reflections as it is tilted.





you can reach Vanessa at vanessa -at- moocow -dawt- com.

plated bubbles

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does give one pause.

supposedly, it is available at a NYC restaurant. even my foodiest of foodie friends does not know what this is. we are both interested in hearing what it is - if anyone can reveal that.

as enticing as those berries are, grabbing any sort of utensil, well, it just does not come to mind.

so far, the guesses are spittle, rabid dog froth, dishwater soap, insect or spider eggs, coral sperm, fish sperm, ok, some other animal kingdom sperm.

do you know?  or have a guess?

the urinal . . . in crochet

flush us away, Nathan!  this is excellent!


yes, it's a crocheted urinal, complete with pink sanitizer inside. check Nathan Vincent's website to see that and more pics.

holey whities, Nathan!

perfectly chosen complimentary frilly border to the possibly rising action underneath maybe?  I would love to see a version with a slit in the filet crochet.

I sent an email message to a friend before posting this and I entitled it "male crochet...". she responded saying she wondered if it was going to be a link to someone using his penis as a crochet hook. any takers?! you know the world needs this. oh yes it does!

mix yellow and blue yarn and you get ...


Valerie Molnar has created some very interesting splashes of art on walls with yarn.

valerieannemolnar-01.jpgbut I am still smiling at her clever use of mixing colors.

Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

fun in the sun laser exploits

I ran into Kurt Schaefer again with a piece of wood that was a tad more charred than if it had come off one of our lasers.

he explained, "yeah, I had this xy-table from 15 years ago and I've been switching out heads on it.  decided to try and make myself a laser."

"so you bought a tube and attached it..." I knee-jerkily suggested.

"no, it's the cheapest laser around.  I attached a magnifying glass to the head.  and I use the sun."


"see here, I thought the break in the first 'e' was from the sun moving by the time it got back to the start.  to test that, I did another 'e' a little slower and the gap turned out larger."

as he left, he mumbled something about gathering sun motion charts based on earth location and factoring compensation into his code.

what really happens when you assume...

you stay in your car at a red light so you'll be ready to go when it turns green.

you don't use an umbrella inside a building because you think the roof will keep you dry.

you don't call all your friends and family every minute to see if they're still alive.

you don't go take a crash course in (insert language you don't know here) because you believe you'll be able to speak the language you know to, say, buy food tomorrow.

what really happens?  you get through your day, that's what.
you - we - make hundreds, thousands of assumptions unconsciously all day long (the pile above on the left). I would argue that we actually consciously think about a lot fewer things before proceeding (the few dots on the right).

but oh, just once, go ahead and assume when you should've checked something out and everyone's all over you for it!

just show them this chart and assume they'll get it.

crochet bug collection

well, I think of insect collections when I see these little curio cabinet things. but this one holds big and little samples of 3D crochet constructions - no legs but some look like thoraxes. I do believe I've used most of them in my 3D crochet pursuits. very attractive and clever - I like.

and check out their story about engulfing a Seattle forest with yarn this past summer.


Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

graffiti tribute to knitting

I LOVE it when one medium is done up by another! check out this blog of London yarn storming (not yarn bombing) for more stories that involve actual yarn ... and spiders and ...

Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

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