plated bubbles

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does give one pause.

supposedly, it is available at a NYC restaurant. even my foodiest of foodie friends does not know what this is. we are both interested in hearing what it is - if anyone can reveal that.

as enticing as those berries are, grabbing any sort of utensil, well, it just does not come to mind.

so far, the guesses are spittle, rabid dog froth, dishwater soap, insect or spider eggs, coral sperm, fish sperm, ok, some other animal kingdom sperm.

do you know?  or have a guess?

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My latest guess is lemon verbena foam. I found a quote somewhere which said the following about another dish served there:

"As for my appetizer, the sweetbread ravioli with corn, lime, and chorizo, it was covered with a lot of foam (lime foam I presume?). Those of you who are familiar with Chef Humm’s style, he likes foams."

That pink thing on top continues to concern me, though. The dish is billed as sheep's milk cheesecake. I hope a male sheep didn't somehow sustain painful collateral damange.

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