friend's house enhanced with shapelock

shapelock is this wonderful new product just out on the market that is malleable at warm temperatures that most hands can tolerate. then, when it cools, it becomes hard. AND you can reheat it to reshape it and make it into something else when you're done using it in its current shape.

so, I visit a friend of mine who has just bought a 1-lb bag.  I see he's used it to cap his half empty bottle of wine.

shapeLockTongsHolder.jpgthen I see he's fancily held his toast tongs together with a strip of the stuff.

shapeLockVulva.jpgand then next to some paper plates, a can of beans, a plant, a Fry's receipt and his glasses, I notice a part of the body that I usually crochet is shaped out of his new favorite material.
shapeLockVulvaClose.jpgwe have a short anatomy lesson that it's missing a bit. I don't think he did that on purpose, thankfully, but I am consciously choosing not to analyze further what that might mean. I'll settle with this shape being much easier to construct.  yeah, that's what it was.

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