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flamingo music

flamingoMusic-03.jpg my friend was telling me about some flamingo music he heard and loved.  he kept clearly calling it "flamingo" and not "flamenco".

he usually knows these things so I started thinking maybe he's talking about some phenomenon like if
you stand on one foot, it sounds different.

he checked his CDs ... aw, sad day. no one-legged musical phenomenon to investigate.

am I one of the many or not?

just received this tract and immediately wondered, "for many"?  I thought he did that for EveryOne.

if he didn't do that for me, then wouldn't I be wasting my time?

one of these helpful business charts came to mind to help me figure out what to do.

metaphorically fertile

christmasCactus.jpgI try to care for this Christmas cactus and it stagnates.

I leave it alone in some half protected spot among the garden flotsam and it exudes its telltale pinkocities.

a friend gave me the original cutting in the late '80's as a parting gift when I moved to California. the plant has lived through more than 20 years and 11 residences, most years not flowering, often being only 5-8 green joints.

the petals don't have the crispest edges.  and the plant is slightly affected by some white aphid/fungus/spider mite thing.

but it still lives - and even kinda flourishes with its vibrant fuchsia explosions and robust succulent scaffolding.

I'll take that.

where do new chairs come from?



whoa, quite a bit of wear there!

now, wait a few weeks (months?) and there should be some little chairs running ... er, standing around.

beauty graph

how do bodily modifications in the name of beauty compare? here's my first draft after conversations stemming from my previous post:


and the difference is?

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