tool box potato chip server

metalToolBox-01.jpgso I'm walking out of my laser class into the members' potluck at TechShop when I set eyes on this.

someone cleverly took their latest tool box creation and offered their potluck wares of cheese and crackers and chips from its drawers.

metalToolBox-02.jpgplating these orange/brown comestibles with the green-hint-of-teal shelving system offers an appetizing color combination.

ok, he admits he bought the hardware. but he designed and cut and bent and finished all the metal.
pop rivets, I think he called these.  to attach the hinge for the top.
metalToolBox-corner.jpgnicely done, eh?

if you want to make one yourself, contact Earl, the maker of this wondrous toolbox at earlgpowell ~at~ comcast ~dawt~ net.

I hear there's talk of adding this as a project class at TechShop.

soooo ... what are You going to use to serve Your next potluck offering?

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