want your butt printed?

eddy3Dprint-01.jpgso I wander over to talk to my warehouse office studio mate to find out more about the great music he's playing and ...

and I am confronted with a pile of ABS plastic faces, feet, and asses - the latter being the most plentiful.

"I'm an ass man, what can I say?" he replies.

twoBodies3D-01.jpgasses with half thighs, asses with half-baked torsi, faces with just mouths and no eyes - jobs incomplete as he tests his unique enhancements to his 3D printers.

Eddy Vromen is a RepRapper.  he builds his own 3D plastic parts from about a 1-ft cube machine he built from a kit.

bodyAndFace-01.jpgusually people build gears or specially shaped parts to hold electronics.  Eddy will build your ass.  out of ABS plastic.  if you let him.

contact Eddy at eddy_vromen (at) hotmail (dawt) com

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