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oh, Mary . . . words escape me

Christmas-advertising-cam-02.jpga billboard splitting this Auckland, New Zealand community. I'm with the painter and the St Matthew-in-the-City church.

more here.

MaryCondom-01.jpgnow, I've seen origami done with paper, fabric, and maybe metal. but never . . . latex.

one friend mused, "which means that his penis is shaped like ...".

tiny bit more of the story here.

the beauty in cardboard

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Vanessa Schnatmeier finds gorgeous beauty in old, tossed pieces of ... cardboard.  applying a scrollwork design to it via the laser cutter, she coaxed out this gorgeous shape that creates intriguing light reflections as it is tilted.





you can reach Vanessa at vanessa -at- moocow -dawt- com.

mix yellow and blue yarn and you get ...


Valerie Molnar has created some very interesting splashes of art on walls with yarn.

valerieannemolnar-01.jpgbut I am still smiling at her clever use of mixing colors.

Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

crochet bug collection

well, I think of insect collections when I see these little curio cabinet things. but this one holds big and little samples of 3D crochet constructions - no legs but some look like thoraxes. I do believe I've used most of them in my 3D crochet pursuits. very attractive and clever - I like.

and check out their story about engulfing a Seattle forest with yarn this past summer.


Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

graffiti tribute to knitting

I LOVE it when one medium is done up by another! check out this blog of London yarn storming (not yarn bombing) for more stories that involve actual yarn ... and spiders and ...

Thanks, Alessandrina, for the link!

eucharist chandelier

eucharistChandelier.jpg I keep crossing paths with this lovely piece.  even though I do post a lot of pieces about sex and genitalia, beneath it all I'm moved to address issues we have a tough time talking about - to make them less fermenty, to shed some light on them so they stop smellin' so bad.  and if I can do that with humor, hey, I am so there.

it just so happens that sex is rife with taboos.  but so is religion although it doesn't seem to provide as many opportunities to be quite so funny about it.

while this piece is not funny, it is beautiful and wholly captivating.  just how did Jocelyn Foye obtain all those eucharists?  were they blessed beforehand?  could they be a homemade substitute?  any lightning bolts if you try that at home?  are they the thinner airy ones that dissolve in short order in your mouth or are they the more substantial ones that would make do as a snack?  that was one of the big differences I noticed between my Catholic upbringing during the early years and my Baptist explorations in high school.  the Catholic eucharist tasted just like those penny candies made up of two concave wafers joined around the edges like a spaceship with little hard candies inside.  you could eat those all day and never notice.  the Baptist ones tasted like a sweet meal.  three more and I'd be full.

I saw this piece in the flesh at Works/San Jose in 2006.  I loved staring at it, imagining someone sitting at a worktable with a Dremel tool drilling hole after hole, maybe with a friend attaching c-rings with pliers in a little production line.  I also liked it because it was probably getting someone's eucharistic goat.  and it is delicately gorgeous.

headdress with red roots

funny, weird, delightful, gorgeous!  a cross between renaissance costuming and earthiness.  red tuber-looking shapes dangle from a headdress of delicate leaves.  costumes by Betsie Withey.

oh, my mind takes me to "we are what we eat". and I'm reminded of those times getting to jump in a pile of fall leaves. I'm probably taking this a little more literally than she intended but I love it.  to me these constumes remind me again and again how we are connected to what we eat, to where we live, the earth beneath our feet, the items we ingest (which jumps to "the friends we keep") and I find that real and satisfying.  and if that weren't enough, I find her choice of color, shape and texture absolutely captivating.

betsieWitheyDress.jpg for me, this resonates with Jennifer McNeely's work, Raven Hanna's Made with Molecules, Laura Splan's creations related to viruses and blood.

the back of this dress expressing "parasitic nature" reminds me of a show on TV I saw many years ago discussing all the organisms living on our skin, in our gut - EveryWhere - and how we don't want to kill them 'cause most of them are good for us.  that took a while to get used to.  and now this dress depicts that beautifully.

check out her etsy shop for more of her gorgeous, delightful, and I'd say even enigmatic creations.

Nadya Suleman Octomom

I tempt you with this thumbnail to go check out Gallery of the Absurd.  this artist is so very talented in quickly and adeptly creating caricatures of people in the news.  this one is so superb for a very sad situation, including money-grab, botox-shot, and that perfectly done nail on each tentacle through creating eight new lives.

recycled cigarette butts clothing

cigaretteButtsVest.jpgcigarette butts processed into yarn, then knitted into a garment.

that is truly cool, clever regardless of whether it can work for more than one or scale for a larger market.  being able to imagine this opportunity and see it through to make a clean garment - with gauge ;)  - wows me.

too much of something

ssmeWhoIsLauraLee.jpggot too much going on in your head?  check out this drawing of Laura Lee Gulledge.

I immediately resonated with this drawing by seeing the little people in the boat symbolizing So Much Advice I often get that just doesn't fit me.

she's posted some other very interesting drawings.  check out her blog.

a peace of people

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