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I've got balls!

101thePackage.jpgWell, actually, my friend K had balls. Then he gave them to me and asked me if I'd crochet a scrotum for them.

Sure, K-nut, no problem. I'll crochet you a scrotum. I do this all the time for my friends.

flaccid poly-blend strap-on

crochetStrapon.gif ok then. check that one off my list.  someone's already done it.

make your own intestine tea cozy

intestineTeaCozy-02.jpgtoday I will make an intestine tea cozy with C, the teapot owner at an Italian cafe.

it will be lovely, starting off with gorgeous orange yarns and ending up with a special creation to keep the spout warm.

how to join us and more here


valentines day garden

I had some very special items pop up in my garden this valentine's day.


kinda like the venus flytrap - handHoldingCrochet-03.jpgwatch

that tall purple one grew out of 100% cotton and is fully functional as a dish scrubber.

I'm considering submitting these to the Crocheted Heart Challenge.

the urinal . . . in crochet

flush us away, Nathan!  this is excellent!


yes, it's a crocheted urinal, complete with pink sanitizer inside. check Nathan Vincent's website to see that and more pics.

holey whities, Nathan!

perfectly chosen complimentary frilly border to the possibly rising action underneath maybe?  I would love to see a version with a slit in the filet crochet.

I sent an email message to a friend before posting this and I entitled it "male crochet...". she responded saying she wondered if it was going to be a link to someone using his penis as a crochet hook. any takers?! you know the world needs this. oh yes it does!

the "u" of ...

my latest doily project:

three guesses as to who this is a tribute to.  no, make that one guess.

and if you were doing this and someone asked you what letter you were on, what would you have said?

a friend who knows I've been working on this for many months asked me as we were driving.  as ordinarily as I've ever heard myself say that word, I said, "the 'u' of cunt."

hey! progress!  of course, we both busted out laughing at how it sounded as ordinary as if I'd said the U of Kentucky.  I dunno ... imagine if we all could just simply say what we wanted to say... .

thanks to the photographer (who chooses to be Anonymous the Chicken) for asking for this photo while on a camping trip.  the best backdrop we had was the tailgate of a pickup.

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