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what's Your latest superhero image?

why, your uterus, of course!  or the uteruses closest to you!

I love this woman's sentiments and creativity!

10000 yonis of mother earth

gorgeous shots of yonis in nature - Flickr pool.

knitted poo

knittedPoo.jpg radical cross stitch will save your soul.  can't you just feel it?

and no, I don't mean that sarcastically.  I'm with her!  go see her stuff.  political cross stitch as well as knitted poo.

what is it about these craft forms that when subverted really make me go "Yes!!!"?  I combed the web for several years looking for this stuff to save my soul and found hardly any, which prompted me to start my first site,

my thoughts about what "it" is?  many seem to be using these art/craft forms to cover things up, to make them pretty, to hide things they can't or don't want to see or talk about.  this lends this form perfectly for subversive works to move hidden topics into the light.  ahhh ~ relief.

so, if you don't want someone messing with your art form, just get real with it and we won't ;)

knit your brains out

a whole site dedicated to scientifically accurate fabric brain art. of course, their disclaimer states that they're not responsible if you use these models to perform brain surgery. but what if I use a scalpel made out of yarn?

ganglia - inspired by one company I worked for years ago, I found myself crocheting this piece as a calming meditation. I stopped one day and just looked around me and wondered: HOW could we still be in business acting the way we do? clusterbackstabbing everywhere. the only answer I could come up with was that our competitors were doing the same?

poor ganglia ...

I'm happy to report they're much better now.

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