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scarleteen, where have you been?

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scarleteen.jpgScarleteen, sex ed for the real world

your organization is 10 years old and I haven't heard of you till now?

this is a jam-packed site full of sane and real discussions about so many issues that come up for teens around sex.  I SO wish I had had this site to go to when I was a teen!  what a relief to see it exists now.

now, if I could find one addressing religious and spiritual beliefs, respecting healthy personal boundaries, understanding the inner life of humans ...

sexy sf - stunning sf

sfissexy.jpg In her San Francisco is Sexy blog, Kathryn Vercillo highlights online shops local to our dear city that she thinks are sexy.  my etsy shop Crumbs on the Sheets made her list.

I checked her list and fell in love with the sensuous clothing of Rose La Biche.  then I looked at her page - she's a full-time freelance writer covering all sorts of topics.  I followed links to everywhere including writings on creativity and creating wealth by giving time and, gee, I wanna meet this woman!

She writes, "... Sexy isn't just about sex. It's about passion and inspiration and ...".  Read it all here.  I aGREE!!  I am also a big fan of our town because for over 20 years I've seen it as that stunning combination of both ordinary and magical at the same time!

doily - how do you spell that?

doilie, doileys, dolly - people misspell it and mispronounce it. I just hang out to see where they're headed. sure enough they're not talking about dolls. they just haven't heard the word in a long time and aren't really sure.

as I was signing up for the Exotic Erotic Ball last month, David Stay on the other end of the line (who gave me permission to use his real name) asked me what kind of art I did.

Me: well, I ... uh ... make erotic doilies.
He: ... doilies, eh? ... how do you spell that? in all my years of producing this show I don't think I've ever had to type that word.

jello demise of the prayer flags

The Benders doily show is now over.

I heard something like this from Lisa as she delivered my doilies to me:

Um, I have all your doilies but ... um ... well ... there was a minor mishap with your small penis prayer flags. Seems the bar hosted an evening of jello fights and ... well ... the pieces got gooed up a bit with jello stains. They've offered to pay for your piece.

Me: Are you kidding? I want the sticky evidence for a good story!

And there you have it.

competition is tough

Two young guys walked into my doily show this afternoon while I was gallery sitting. One sauntered into the middle of the room, laughed and proclaimed, "Now this is my kinda show!"

I asked them how they found out about the show.

We were just walking by. Trying to go to the gun store but they were closed. Then we saw all these interesting things in here. Sorry you were second choice to a gun store ... but ... their sign was bigger.

am i a pimp?

I was asked by my friend S: Congratulations on the extended run. I hope you're selling lots of genitalia. Does that make you a pimp though?? No, pimps only rent it. ... must say the comeback was from my most retort-worthy friend, GZ. Left up to me, I'd go off on this diatribe of my huge wish/hope/desire/longing that I lived in a world where every single person would have full control over their own and to never rent it, never be in a life situation where renting it is better than the alternative, where any activity would be consentual completely through and through. and through. forever. and ever and ever. But S, you meant the question lightly. So I'll stick with GZ's witty response. ... and yes, all the letters are my friends ;)

why do I do what I do?

people often ask me, why do I do what I do. there are 5,283 reasons, one of which is:
what do all the other dots stand for?

there's nothing in here

As I was gallery sitting today, a 5 year old boy and his mother walked in. She began looking at the doilies on the wall. He held his black and red plastic robot and wandered around the space. "There's nothing in here," he said. Perfect, I thought.

The day before my show opened, I participated in a collaboration / brainstorming event. I was paired with a Filipino woman and we were to talk for a few minutes about what was alive for us. Having just come from putting the finishing touches on my show, I told her about "my first solo art show. It's about addressing secrets, taboos we hold emotionally in our bodies that contort us when we can't be honest about them and let them out." She: Is it paintings, photography? Me: Wellll, I do it through provocative doilies. She: Oh? Tell me the worst doily you've made. I considered the gorgeous onyx and gold cross around her neck. Me: Really? She: Yes, tell me the worst one, the worst message. Me: O ... kay ... well, I made a cock that's big enough to go over the back of a chair ... I demonstrated with my hands flowing over the back of my chair. She was already laughing. Encouraged, I added the next detail about the spray and she was doubled over in her chair with more laughter. Me: I'm curious exactly what part is funny for you. She: You don't look like someone who would do that!! Me: Well, I was considering the cross you were wearing and wasn't sure it would be a good thing to share this. We laughed many more times that afternoon as we passed each other to join different groups. It is not lost on me that I was having my own stereotypically-tending brain blown just like she was. How pleasant.

Gary's chair

Months before my show opening, I knew I would include the Active Antimacassar. For proper viewing, I would need an antimacassar-inviting chair. I began my search, asking friends, checking craigslist, furniture stores for an inexpensive, good condition, overstuffed or la-z-boy style chair. Many leads but nothing turned up.

My friend Gary offered his gorgeous oxblood recliner. Oh my, the white balls would look so good against that color. And it was in great condition. But no, I couldn't borrow my friend's chair. What if something happened to it? Could I actually replace it? I kept looking.

A week later, Gary offered his chair again. I'd continued following up on many kind chair leads but none were panning out. Gary, I can't borrow your chair, I said. What if I rip it while transporting it? Or somehow it's damaged at the show? I might not be able to get you another one in that gorgeous color.

Well, when you become famous, then the chair will be famous, and I will be famous.

Ok, I'll borrow your chair. Thank you, Gary.

heart palpitations?

I'm not trying to cause grandmas heart palpitations over at or I'm more driven by fear of NOT talking about what seems real for me/us. Some are driven by fear of that very conversation. Oh well. I did not grow up as an artist although some people would disagree with me. I was forced at some point to create these things to speak about issues that had been buried for too long with me. They just so happen to have a venue in the art world, for which I am terribly thankful. I have thrilled at the chance to wake up and see the strength of message when combined with a particular medium. Wow, the things we can say!

cheshire dogs

Cheshire Dogs
My fav pic of the whole show, I must say. Friends enjoy smirking under the silk framed doily that solemnly proclaims "Give us this day, our daily head."

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