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underwear hat

gives new meaning to the term hat hair.

thanks to those on some lists who post links to designs they just don't understand, including those who wish these designs just simply didn't exist.  it is my pleasure to ponder these creations, including this weird and entertaining one.

found on chelly-egg's flickr account.
sushiToyCozy.jpgcozies for your bedroom toys.  from craftastrophe. disguise it as a sushi roll.  'course this one looks like it's ready to blast off.  well, maybe that's fitting.  oh, they've got more - go check 'em out.

odd bits monthly

playful creations from artists I've just come across ~


felted uterus/fallopian tubes and penis pin cushions


crocheted sperm


crocheted egg and intruder


sphincters made out of ... pipe..clean..ers

thanks, Alessandrina, for the link although you were pointing to something else ;)

toilet paper crocheted scarf


crocheted tampon case with a red flower cap.  holds 4 tampons.


crocheted handcuffs

thanks, Will, for the link while trying to help me find ways to sit at my desk to finish my taxes.

usb crochet hook

crochetHookUSB.jpgplug this usb crochet hook into your computer and it'll build the pattern of what you're making as you crochet!  what an idea!

thanks, The Crochet Dude, for the twittered link!  and thanks, Jimbo the inventor, for the idea!

next release will allow you to connect different sized hooks.  you'll also be able to point the end of the usb cable to the person or object you're making the item for and it will magnetically be drawn to the correct sized hook for use with the yarn or thread you've wrapped around it.

optionally you'll be able to turn on a siren that will sound when your stitches are becoming out of gauge.  you can of course replace the siren with a download of your favorite music and simply enjoy crocheting out of gauge.

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