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soap gallery's 50 hoops show - event pics

SOAP's 50 Hoops Show - open thru early Jan. Check it out. Some pics from the opening:

Some pieces just pull me right over. This was one, having gathered pictures of friends' tongues for a diversity of tongues book a few years ago. "(so) there" by Sharon Wickham.

And this one. "Felt Up" by Mary Fitzgerald.

sure enough, this is called "Platapussy", by Barbara Sizelove. I was in good company with my Luv Spider next to this one and Felt Up.

piece by Jan Blythe, called In Utero. i still kept seeing an eyeball.

too clever to think of putting something between the two parts of the hoop. damn, that's clever.

I talked with the artist of this piece, who I don't think was out of gradeschool yet. good for her to go with what moves her and create an interesting piece for this show.

woah ... ok, a bird's nest pops out of swirled corrugated cardboard. of course! artist Katheryn Kenworth.

hard bricks instead of fiber. yes. artist Robert Howard.

I have no idea what this is made of.

green devil horns?

Lisa Mendelson's piece "Label me not".


so if you were given a hoop, what kind of shape would you contort out of it?

i spent all my time admiring the creativity and how it hung and turned in the air that i didn't look close to what is covering the surface. artist Verda Alexander.

pig sweat. um ... that's what it's called. Greg Lowe's piece. gotta say i stared for minutes trying to get a link between the name and the shape, wondering what the molecular shape of pig sweat really was and if the different colors had to do with different elements of the molecule.

it was only minutes later that I wondered just how this was related to an embroidery hoop. where's the hoop?

what is this material? i'm not going to give it away except to say that I've never seen anyone do artwork out of this material before. I can almost guarante that you've handled it at some point. would you think to create out of it? piece by Eve Mendelson.

a close up view in person is so much better.

I looked at this piece several times before realizing it was a frownie, not a smiley. googley eyes are always a kick. piece by Jane Evenson, who I've never seen not smiling yet.

the.     hoop.     show.

go see it!

review by the gentle howling screamer

Just like many of you being confused by the quiet person I seem to be and the loud doilies I create (at least you tell me you think they're loud), I met a very gentle woman soul whose blog is called howling screamer. We gently and thoughtfully discussed my doilies last weekend as I gallery sat for my doily exhibit. I smiled when I saw the name of her blog, Howling Screamer. She also describes herself as an Art Fondler. And she says she'll write about whatever else tickles her rotten little pickle. Ahhh, a kindred spirit. In response to the show, she wrote this post.

competition is tough

Two young guys walked into my doily show this afternoon while I was gallery sitting. One sauntered into the middle of the room, laughed and proclaimed, "Now this is my kinda show!"

I asked them how they found out about the show.

We were just walking by. Trying to go to the gun store but they were closed. Then we saw all these interesting things in here. Sorry you were second choice to a gun store ... but ... their sign was bigger.

bad doily show extended one week

When Doilies Go Bad has been extended one week, to close on October 4th. Come by and be surrounded by Seussy doilies! I'll be there at these times: Saturday Sept 27 3-6 Friday Oct 3 4-6 Saturday Oct 4 3-6 Gallery is also open weekly Monday - Thursday 10-2 In San Francisco at the SOAP Gallery near Mission and Cesar Chavez.

household genitalia a la Dr. Seuss

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I just learned from the guys at Women Be Trippin that I make household genitalia. They describe my doilies in the cadence of our beloved Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.

You know, of all the thoughts I've had while making my ... my objects, I've never had either of these two. But that's exactly what I'm doing!

Thanks, guys! You made my day!

there's nothing in here

As I was gallery sitting today, a 5 year old boy and his mother walked in. She began looking at the doilies on the wall. He held his black and red plastic robot and wandered around the space. "There's nothing in here," he said. Perfect, I thought.

Thank you, Alan Bamberger, for your coverage in of When Doilies Go Bad. You summed up my feelings behind making these things very well, better than I normally do, and I'm glad you enjoyed them!

opening reception pics

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While viewing the Golden Tampon Award:
He1: Can you imagine having to use those things?
He2: Yeah man, do we have it easy.



Studying for the final

In order to exit this reception, each viewer had to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly. Do you know the answers?

1. Is ejaculate gross or is it art?
2. What really actually constitutes the vulva, the whole vulva, and nothing but the vulva?
3. Was Jesus actually endowed?

Gee, there are genitalia swaying in the breezes everywhere here and these two are talking so seriously. About What?! Oh, that's me with my roommate discussing whose turn it is to take the garbage out.

Cheshire dogs

If his dick were at slightly more of an angle ...

Men-To the wall and read. NOW! Women-Circle in the middle and talk!

quiet Emily

One young woman came up to me near the end of my opening reception and in a quiet gentle voice told me she enjoyed my work. I thanked her and shook her hand and asked her her name. She said, again quietly and simply, Emily, but I got the feeling that she didn't really want to tell me (so the name I'm using here is not the name she told me). I asked her what she enjoyed about it or why she enjoyed it and she gently referred to growing up with doilies and ... I think she rolled her eyes ever so slightly or shook her head a little. I read that to say that these gave her some relief. As I related this story to a friend of mine, my friend responded, Emily is probably re-examining a lot of choices and possibilities as we speak. Let us all.

guest book comments

Humorous, provocative, gorgeous - your work is so fresh & fun! Looks great in this venue - Congratulations! PS, I hear people giggling all around me.

Thank you for this more full experience of your work, your play, your vision and your wisdom. Next I look forward to your linen show (nudge, nudge).

Just what the hell could I write? Perfect -

The perfect intersection of beauty, poetry, skill, and message ... with a cherry and a sparkler on top. Anything that makes me think is always memorable and welcome. Thank you!!

Since I judge the art opening based on how hard I get, I can say with confidence that yours, Laura, was a very large success. Another happy ending.

From my roommate:
Great job on the show. It was totally worth having penises & vulvas around the apartment the past few months. I look forward to more genitalia gracing the confines of our pad.

Gary's chair

Months before my show opening, I knew I would include the Active Antimacassar. For proper viewing, I would need an antimacassar-inviting chair. I began my search, asking friends, checking craigslist, furniture stores for an inexpensive, good condition, overstuffed or la-z-boy style chair. Many leads but nothing turned up.

My friend Gary offered his gorgeous oxblood recliner. Oh my, the white balls would look so good against that color. And it was in great condition. But no, I couldn't borrow my friend's chair. What if something happened to it? Could I actually replace it? I kept looking.

A week later, Gary offered his chair again. I'd continued following up on many kind chair leads but none were panning out. Gary, I can't borrow your chair, I said. What if I rip it while transporting it? Or somehow it's damaged at the show? I might not be able to get you another one in that gorgeous color.

Well, when you become famous, then the chair will be famous, and I will be famous.

Ok, I'll borrow your chair. Thank you, Gary.

all the odd juicy good stuff

As these links covered my show, I got introduced to their websites - what a great collection of coverage and events! If you're ever looking for something out of the ordinary, check these out! Laughing Squid CraigsList SF Weekly SFStation SF Bay Guardian SFist SF FunCheap The Week Intro Examiner Eventful fecal face livinintheloin 7x7 SF outside in Mission Mission

world news network lists bad doilies

google's cache of World News Network, California Observer, shows that the show When Doilies Go Bad was listed under politics and health.

"distinctive" crochet work

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7x7 calls my work "distinctive".

MissionMission blog

MissionMission enjoyed both the crochet show at SOAP and the embroidery show at Benders. They're also garnering some comments that go back and forth, as this art tends to do. I really like this blog - very open, considerate, and community minded. I've never lived in San Francisco but LOVE visiting it pretty much anywhere. I've learned my way around the Mission because of the art galleries I've shown work at. There is So Much Good Stuff Here!!! I was just at a gathering last night after gallery sitting for my show at SOAP. The Million Fishes Artist Collective hosted the dorkbots group. The speakers were Very Interesting and the group was such an eclectic collection of curious scientists, engineers, artists, creative people! I LOVE the Mission!

a naughty and inappropriate art show calls it A Naughty and Inappropriate Art Show.

heart palpitations?

I'm not trying to cause grandmas heart palpitations over at or I'm more driven by fear of NOT talking about what seems real for me/us. Some are driven by fear of that very conversation. Oh well. I did not grow up as an artist although some people would disagree with me. I was forced at some point to create these things to speak about issues that had been buried for too long with me. They just so happen to have a venue in the art world, for which I am terribly thankful. I have thrilled at the chance to wake up and see the strength of message when combined with a particular medium. Wow, the things we can say!

classic mappin

red heart fuck doily

Janine Kahn calls my red fuck heart doily Classic Mappin. In so many ways, she is so right but I hadn't seen it that way till now.

I do want to be strong as the person I am but I don't want to take your head off in the process. I wish that for all of us. A pretty pink crocheted piece that has some expletive on it sounds like a fine expression of that to me!

If I can tell someone about my fuck doily, I never have to have business cards on me because they will always remember and can always reach me through I know many people try to be this memorable to those they meet. I wasn't shooting for this but it's a fine side effect.

SF Weekly hosts pics of show

Right now, if you go to SF Weekly's home page, you'll see a link to "Photos: When Doilies Go Bad". Click there to see Janine Kahn's take on the show and some of her pics. She calls the show "bizarre but endearing". Funny 'cause this all feels so norrrmalll to me. She's not the only one to respond that way though. I'm getting used to it ;) Thanks, Janine!

cheshire dogs

Cheshire Dogs
My fav pic of the whole show, I must say. Friends enjoy smirking under the silk framed doily that solemnly proclaims "Give us this day, our daily head."

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