laser talks - etch your banana!

etchYourBananaLarge.jpgyou keep hearing "oh, that's laser cut", "they laser etched this"  what does it MEAN?!

yeah, it's done by some machine.  like lasik surgery?  or the red laser pointers you tease your cat with?

I've been learning, teaching, and playing with a CO2 laser for several years now.  I Love This Machine!  I've worked with inventors, artists, medical device designers, quilters, puzzle makers, and crafters.  To satisfy my own interests, I've lasered slews of weird and fun as well as typical materials.  And I love to share it all with curious people.

I do free 15-30 minute talks as my schedule permits, visiting schools, universities, business groups, art groups, unusual birthday parties, you name it - in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I show up at your venue with a laptop, images, and samples.  hopefully you have a digital projector or don't mind milling about a computer screen if the group is small.  I can go into detail about what's required to run the machine. or I can keep it light and just share the samples and images.

yes, I could do laser jobs for you but that's not why I'm doing this.  offering these talks is a way I prefer to be out in the world, to meet new creative people, and to have fun.

if you're interested in scheduling a talk or have more questions, just contact me.

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