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zeppelin at the SOAP

for the 50 Hoops show opening, this group of musicians as varied as the hoop artists' creations exuded an eclectic version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir.

soap gallery's 50 hoops show - event pics

SOAP's 50 Hoops Show - open thru early Jan. Check it out. Some pics from the opening:

Some pieces just pull me right over. This was one, having gathered pictures of friends' tongues for a diversity of tongues book a few years ago. "(so) there" by Sharon Wickham.

And this one. "Felt Up" by Mary Fitzgerald.

sure enough, this is called "Platapussy", by Barbara Sizelove. I was in good company with my Luv Spider next to this one and Felt Up.

piece by Jan Blythe, called In Utero. i still kept seeing an eyeball.

too clever to think of putting something between the two parts of the hoop. damn, that's clever.

I talked with the artist of this piece, who I don't think was out of gradeschool yet. good for her to go with what moves her and create an interesting piece for this show.

woah ... ok, a bird's nest pops out of swirled corrugated cardboard. of course! artist Katheryn Kenworth.

hard bricks instead of fiber. yes. artist Robert Howard.

I have no idea what this is made of.

green devil horns?

Lisa Mendelson's piece "Label me not".


so if you were given a hoop, what kind of shape would you contort out of it?

i spent all my time admiring the creativity and how it hung and turned in the air that i didn't look close to what is covering the surface. artist Verda Alexander.

pig sweat. um ... that's what it's called. Greg Lowe's piece. gotta say i stared for minutes trying to get a link between the name and the shape, wondering what the molecular shape of pig sweat really was and if the different colors had to do with different elements of the molecule.

it was only minutes later that I wondered just how this was related to an embroidery hoop. where's the hoop?

what is this material? i'm not going to give it away except to say that I've never seen anyone do artwork out of this material before. I can almost guarante that you've handled it at some point. would you think to create out of it? piece by Eve Mendelson.

a close up view in person is so much better.

I looked at this piece several times before realizing it was a frownie, not a smiley. googley eyes are always a kick. piece by Jane Evenson, who I've never seen not smiling yet.

the.     hoop.     show.

go see it!

50 hoops show with the Luv Spider

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I'm getting ready to submit my Luv Spider art piece for the Hoop Show at the Soap Gallery in December.

You can buy it for $50. Opening Saturday Dec 13, 2008 from 6-9pm.

my brain so entertains me. Lisa Mendelson, one of the owners of the Soap Gallery, handed me a hoop a few months ago and invited me to participate in her upcoming show. "Here, you can do anything with it. AnyThing!" she said.

Me: AnyThing?


Me: Ok, I'm in.

my brain sees a spider web. heaven knows why. and a spider. capturing what? penises, of course. and the spider body? in the shape of a heart. one of its legs pops out of the embroidery to catch ... a flying penis which just happens to be passing by inches above the heart spider.

I have no idea where these thoughts come from. she gave me the hoop! it's her fault.

I machine embroidered it and then placed it into a hand embroidery hoop. my kinda statement.

that yellow bugger reminds me of those little fish crackers.

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