holy grail achieved for laser artist

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face on rollFINALLY, I achieved something I've been thinking, salivating, dreaming of doing for over a year now - laser etch SomeThing on the innard of a toilet paper roll.

can you see it? that's not Jesus or his mom. that is me. there, I said it, put it on the web, it must be true.

no, really. I saw it etch out with my own eyes. and the picture is enhanced a bit so it shows up better online although this material doesn't darken much.

so why did it take me so long? I just had to build a little jig to hold it. needed to make it heavier so it would turn properly. but the photo is wider than it should be because the jig has a narrower diameter than the roll. will improve it so the turning radius matches the toilet paper roll - or make my artwork narrower next time.

I can sleep now.

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