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zeppelin at the SOAP

for the 50 Hoops show opening, this group of musicians as varied as the hoop artists' creations exuded an eclectic version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir.

soap gallery's 50 hoops show - event pics

SOAP's 50 Hoops Show - open thru early Jan. Check it out. Some pics from the opening:

Some pieces just pull me right over. This was one, having gathered pictures of friends' tongues for a diversity of tongues book a few years ago. "(so) there" by Sharon Wickham.

And this one. "Felt Up" by Mary Fitzgerald.

sure enough, this is called "Platapussy", by Barbara Sizelove. I was in good company with my Luv Spider next to this one and Felt Up.

piece by Jan Blythe, called In Utero. i still kept seeing an eyeball.

too clever to think of putting something between the two parts of the hoop. damn, that's clever.

I talked with the artist of this piece, who I don't think was out of gradeschool yet. good for her to go with what moves her and create an interesting piece for this show.

woah ... ok, a bird's nest pops out of swirled corrugated cardboard. of course! artist Katheryn Kenworth.

hard bricks instead of fiber. yes. artist Robert Howard.

I have no idea what this is made of.

green devil horns?

Lisa Mendelson's piece "Label me not".


so if you were given a hoop, what kind of shape would you contort out of it?

i spent all my time admiring the creativity and how it hung and turned in the air that i didn't look close to what is covering the surface. artist Verda Alexander.

pig sweat. um ... that's what it's called. Greg Lowe's piece. gotta say i stared for minutes trying to get a link between the name and the shape, wondering what the molecular shape of pig sweat really was and if the different colors had to do with different elements of the molecule.

it was only minutes later that I wondered just how this was related to an embroidery hoop. where's the hoop?

what is this material? i'm not going to give it away except to say that I've never seen anyone do artwork out of this material before. I can almost guarante that you've handled it at some point. would you think to create out of it? piece by Eve Mendelson.

a close up view in person is so much better.

I looked at this piece several times before realizing it was a frownie, not a smiley. googley eyes are always a kick. piece by Jane Evenson, who I've never seen not smiling yet.

the.     hoop.     show.

go see it!

a peace of people

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sex in the middle of the road

I sooo wish I'd had my camera with me recently.  I was in the Mission around Valencia and 18th and I saw sex happening right in the middle of the street!  you know how that street has this pseudo parking lane right down the middle?  I have yet to figure that out except that I often see cars parked there.  well, this night two big brown UPS trucks were parked back to back almost touching!  AND packages were moving from one into the other!!

I wrote to Allan over at missionmission 'cause it was too funny.  then I apologized for being so entertained by the benign.

and his response was even funnier:

"Oh don't  get me started on the benign. I saw a Cup 'o Noodles balanced on top of a fire hydrant the other night -- took pictures from three different angles because it tickled me so."

I see he's posted it here and is more on top of his blog at the moment than I.

then I wondered - who put the noodles there? did they do it on purpose? if so, what was it? to give Allan something to photograph and a chuckle and a way through another few minutes of his life? did they watch him? or were they ducking into a cab with their friends and the cabbie said no to noodles...

reminds me of a number of pics I've taken of things my roommates have done over the years. I title them "Life with ___" ... whoever. they know who they are. like N - one morning I was greeted in the kitchen by a glob of peanut butter. balanced on the edge of the silverware drawer. underneath the countertop bullnose tile. I hadn't heard any wild flinging sounds during the nite.

But back to the UPS trucks. I bet the UPS people have a word for that. they must plan those rendezvouz, don't ya think? and how do they talk about it? hey ... uh ... Jack ... we ... uh ... gotta go do that thing with our vans ... at 7 tonite ... in the middle of Valencia ... .

nooo, they Must have a word for it. What Is It? does anyone work at one of these places or have a relative they can ask? now I'm really curious but I've spooked enough people with my doily art - I'm gonna let someone else go this time. let me know what you find out.

calling on all my creative maniac friends

what statement could we make with 5000 etched or cut toilet paper innards?  I'm dying to create something but it would have to make a strong statement - beautiful or entertaining or something having to do with recycling.  and these rolls are just not speaking to me.
I know ... maybe that's a good thing.  but i'm inspired by things like Tara Donovan's work where she takes a common everyday item - lots of them - and displays them in a very stunning way.
all you readers I'm seeing from over at missionmission - if you could, what statement would You make with a million toilet paper innards?

see past post for more tp laser info.

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