mouse swatter

have you seen a mousetrap lately?

they come with plastic cheese! with different sized holes in it even!

looks like a flyswatter, though.

um, they work. quite well, actually. without any cheese aroma enhancements either.


Cheese-flavored plastic mousetrap treadles?

Don't get me wrong now...I really LIKE your idea cheese flavor to select?

Were ya thinking American, Sharp Cheddar or Velveeta? and then what if...

What if your after class-act mice who expect want Brie? How would you know beforehand?

The answer? A test.
A broad choice on a selection palette, a menu they can pick from.

One can simply leave the pallette out to see what they really like or develop a taste for....then use that one on the yellow plastic mix.

It leaves an element of choice.

This proved effective for milkmen w/human customers for years.

Ain't nothin' like the real thing to the rodents.
No, seriously,

It turns out they (RATs anyway)love oatmeal-on-peanut butter on their trap "treadle" platforms.
Sticks pretty good it does.

The random Swiss Cheese hole are there to press the cheese in so the clever ones can't sneak off with cheese and trip the "bale"
(spring-release wire.)
Uh,whatcha you gonna to do with all this new- found empirical data?

Dear Jon,

I'm gonna document you running all these tests, figuring out which cheese does indeed work best (might vary for mouse variety and geographical location), how you catch even battery powered mice using Velveeta, and how you impregnate the yellow acrylic (with heat? some chemical soak? a syringe?). and then I'll blog pictures of you accepting awards around the world for having invented a product that not only catches mice but also captures malaria-carrying mosquitoes and sucks out the AIDS virus too! you will be so so famous! I hope you remember me then.


Plastic cheese, huh? I am skeptical, but I am not trying it out due to my affinity for rodents.

So happy to find your new blog Laura!! I hope you are doing well. I have been hibernating.


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