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friend's house enhanced with shapelock

shapelock is this wonderful new product just out on the market that is malleable at warm temperatures that most hands can tolerate. then, when it cools, it becomes hard. AND you can reheat it to reshape it and make it into something else when you're done using it in its current shape.

so, I visit a friend of mine who has just bought a 1-lb bag.  I see he's used it to cap his half empty bottle of wine.

shapeLockTongsHolder.jpgthen I see he's fancily held his toast tongs together with a strip of the stuff.

shapeLockVulva.jpgand then next to some paper plates, a can of beans, a plant, a Fry's receipt and his glasses, I notice a part of the body that I usually crochet is shaped out of his new favorite material.
shapeLockVulvaClose.jpgwe have a short anatomy lesson that it's missing a bit. I don't think he did that on purpose, thankfully, but I am consciously choosing not to analyze further what that might mean. I'll settle with this shape being much easier to construct.  yeah, that's what it was.

female merit badges


I really like these patches by Mary Yeager.  she has made many over the last 10 years.  search on her name to find lots more.

I would love to see this art form extended to more insidious lessons like learning that your boss isn't always acting on your behalf, that those who are supposed to represent you sometimes severely don't. 
but I digress.  well, ok, if i were to make badges, those are the kinds of messages they would portray.

thank you, Mary, for paving the way!


tiny worlds inside toilet paper rolls

clever! what fun! first I thought the artist actually had some specially angled tiny knife to carve the top layer of paper from the inside of the roll and stand it up.  but now I think it's done in a slightly more possible way.


prop making has its moments

after teaching a laser class, I happened to pass by James Erd in the members area finishing up his latest prop. sure looked messy...

and just a tad illegal.

but hey, if you want a creative mind willing to slog through even the messy bits to build your props, contact James at rakker16mm -at-

oh, Mary . . . words escape me

Christmas-advertising-cam-02.jpga billboard splitting this Auckland, New Zealand community. I'm with the painter and the St Matthew-in-the-City church.

more here.

MaryCondom-01.jpgnow, I've seen origami done with paper, fabric, and maybe metal. but never . . . latex.

one friend mused, "which means that his penis is shaped like ...".

tiny bit more of the story here.

gutsy embroidery

my mother claimed that you should not hold back your bowel movement or else this

from Andrea Dezsö's, Lessons from my Mother. very gutsy x 2. I like.

if Will Davis wrote the bible ...

if my friend Will Davis wrote the bible, I'd be so there.  check it out as he reinterprets for the season.

King James:

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.'"

James Street:

So it was about midnight in the Alsam Bar. Two, three guys from the parking garage next door, sittin' 'round, trying to get warm, or  at least drunk enough to think they were.

So some guy I ain't never seen before, so tall he has to duck under the jamb, walks in, buff, arms ripplin' like snakes under his shirt. He didn't have no coat, didn't look like he wanted one.

He didn't have the body fat of a squirrel, neither.

A couple of the boys move off, but he's smilin' 'n he's all: "It's all good." He nods a beer outta the bartender, takes a hit, puts down the bottle, looks around 'n says, in a voice big as he is, "You'll never believe this, but they's this kid born over in Oaktown? He's the real deal.  7854 89th, round the back in the garage. No lights or heat. But he's the real deal."

He puts down the empty, turns, and as he walks out, he slaps the jukebox, 'n it jumps right off Garth 'n starts playin' Silent Night. You want to know what else? Sumbitch jukebox  doesn't even have Silent Night on it, swear to God.

We go outside 'n he's, like, gone.

literary big dick

always good to educate oneself ... although it appears that big dick is just hanging out while a different body part does the reading.  "hey buddy, can ya put that paper over here about 3 feet so I can read it?!"

I love the idea. to me, though, the dick looked like a bunch of pink pillows until he sat down. then I wondered - once anything gets past a certain size, does everything kinda look off or grotesque or not what it is - or just confusing?

Club Disnesalen

metalLightWork.jpgI spent a week at Club Med - I mean Disneyland - er, Esalen at a writing workshop. I wrote about it here.

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