make your own custom adult chocolate mold

chocMoldAdult-01.jpgmake your own adult chocolate mold!

you know you want to.

be the hit of the party with custom shapes, sizes, angles, and proportions! use it with chocolate as well as jello, ice cubes, soap ... you name it!

I'll take you through the whole process, you'll get to see the machines in action, do some setup, ask lots of questions and get a feel for what's involved so you can come back and do it on your own.

choose a pre-designed adult themed shape (or send me something beforehand and maybe I can get it ready). optionally add your own short word or message. watch your part get cut out of wood on the Shopbot CNC Mill. help prepare the vacuum former to suck a piece of hot plastic into your wooden plug to create a food grade plastic mold. fill it with chocolate, cool, demold, and start nibbling.

you'll get to take your plastic mold, wooden plug, and molded chocolate home with you!

come back and take the vacuum former class and make more plastic molds. or also take the shopbot class and make your own new wooden shapes!

any questions? : )

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