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berry dial

for that point when you've stuffed yourself picking them fresh off the vines and you haven't made a dent in the ripe supply.

announcing ----

The Berry Dial!

attach it to your berry vines and dial back their fecundity to match your hunger level!

iPhone/iPad/iPhood app coming soon which senses your hunger level through a tiny sensor you have implanted under your skin; then it wirelessly, continuously manages your berries.

new attachments coming for fruit trees, cacti, and tubers.

embroidered bread

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breadEmbroidered-01.jpgthis would go well with what looked like someone embroidering a sandwich, which prompted this story.

assistance at the nut house, please

I entered the grocery store last night and heard, "Assistance requested at the nut house, please.  Assistance requested at the nut house."

I started laughing, looking around for which friends of mine were pulling this off for my benefit when I realized I was indeed passing by the nut display counter and a large tall man was seriously gazing around looking for assistance.

How Did the Person Announce That with a Straight Voice?

and no one else even snickered ...

why pay for milk when ... t-shirt store asks:

my answer:

ok, so their orientation's a little different.
they also have one that says:

make your own custom adult chocolate mold

chocMoldAdult-01.jpgmake your own adult chocolate mold!

you know you want to.

be the hit of the party with custom shapes, sizes, angles, and proportions! use it with chocolate as well as jello, ice cubes, soap ... you name it!

I'll take you through the whole process, you'll get to see the machines in action, do some setup, ask lots of questions and get a feel for what's involved so you can come back and do it on your own.

choose a pre-designed adult themed shape (or send me something beforehand and maybe I can get it ready). optionally add your own short word or message. watch your part get cut out of wood on the Shopbot CNC Mill. help prepare the vacuum former to suck a piece of hot plastic into your wooden plug to create a food grade plastic mold. fill it with chocolate, cool, demold, and start nibbling.

you'll get to take your plastic mold, wooden plug, and molded chocolate home with you!

come back and take the vacuum former class and make more plastic molds. or also take the shopbot class and make your own new wooden shapes!

any questions? : )

want your butt printed?

eddy3Dprint-01.jpgso I wander over to talk to my warehouse office studio mate to find out more about the great music he's playing and ...

and I am confronted with a pile of ABS plastic faces, feet, and asses - the latter being the most plentiful.

"I'm an ass man, what can I say?" he replies.

twoBodies3D-01.jpgasses with half thighs, asses with half-baked torsi, faces with just mouths and no eyes - jobs incomplete as he tests his unique enhancements to his 3D printers.

Eddy Vromen is a RepRapper.  he builds his own 3D plastic parts from about a 1-ft cube machine he built from a kit.

bodyAndFace-01.jpgusually people build gears or specially shaped parts to hold electronics.  Eddy will build your ass.  out of ABS plastic.  if you let him.

contact Eddy at eddy_vromen (at) hotmail (dawt) com

computer monitor droppings

probably many people living today know how to tell what crawled across your screen while you slept just by taking a close-up look at the tiny little droppings left there.

I saw these little dots for years. finally saw a spider leave a dropping. i suspect it's all sorts of local insects in the night

I don't lick my finger to get the job done anymore, although it's probably inconsequential.

ya know, just like many can tell deer skat from wolf skat, somebody out there can tell daddy longlegs skat from ... moth? ant?

a friend taught me that insect skat is called frass. I just keep thinking fricassee.

laptopBugCatcher.jpganother friend suggested that with insect consumption all the rage, I should catch them and eat them.  well, I never see them so I'd have to rig up my laptop like so.

cute tap

found at a new site focused on defaced stuff.

I like the little marks above the tap.  indicating hot water?

tool box potato chip server

metalToolBox-01.jpgso I'm walking out of my laser class into the members' potluck at TechShop when I set eyes on this.

someone cleverly took their latest tool box creation and offered their potluck wares of cheese and crackers and chips from its drawers.

metalToolBox-02.jpgplating these orange/brown comestibles with the green-hint-of-teal shelving system offers an appetizing color combination.

ok, he admits he bought the hardware. but he designed and cut and bent and finished all the metal.
pop rivets, I think he called these.  to attach the hinge for the top.
metalToolBox-corner.jpgnicely done, eh?

if you want to make one yourself, contact Earl, the maker of this wondrous toolbox at earlgpowell ~at~ comcast ~dawt~ net.

I hear there's talk of adding this as a project class at TechShop.

soooo ... what are You going to use to serve Your next potluck offering?

flamingo music

flamingoMusic-03.jpg my friend was telling me about some flamingo music he heard and loved.  he kept clearly calling it "flamingo" and not "flamenco".

he usually knows these things so I started thinking maybe he's talking about some phenomenon like if
you stand on one foot, it sounds different.

he checked his CDs ... aw, sad day. no one-legged musical phenomenon to investigate.

more hot apron men of TechShop

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apronPat-4760.jpgoh, when the men of TechShop don a camo apron ...





apronPat-4766.jpgwhere did Pat get his hotness?

patsDad.jpgfrom Dad!


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kidneywi are a treat for any meal.  they taste like a fresh tropical fruit mixed with beans, like that oh so tasty Japanese red bean paste.  yum.


spine of the kidneywi

it's the last part to form before it's born.


for scale - yes, a kidneywi would probably fit in the palm of your hand

prop making has its moments

after teaching a laser class, I happened to pass by James Erd in the members area finishing up his latest prop. sure looked messy...

and just a tad illegal.

but hey, if you want a creative mind willing to slog through even the messy bits to build your props, contact James at rakker16mm -at-

if Will Davis wrote the bible ...

if my friend Will Davis wrote the bible, I'd be so there.  check it out as he reinterprets for the season.

King James:

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.'"

James Street:

So it was about midnight in the Alsam Bar. Two, three guys from the parking garage next door, sittin' 'round, trying to get warm, or  at least drunk enough to think they were.

So some guy I ain't never seen before, so tall he has to duck under the jamb, walks in, buff, arms ripplin' like snakes under his shirt. He didn't have no coat, didn't look like he wanted one.

He didn't have the body fat of a squirrel, neither.

A couple of the boys move off, but he's smilin' 'n he's all: "It's all good." He nods a beer outta the bartender, takes a hit, puts down the bottle, looks around 'n says, in a voice big as he is, "You'll never believe this, but they's this kid born over in Oaktown? He's the real deal.  7854 89th, round the back in the garage. No lights or heat. But he's the real deal."

He puts down the empty, turns, and as he walks out, he slaps the jukebox, 'n it jumps right off Garth 'n starts playin' Silent Night. You want to know what else? Sumbitch jukebox  doesn't even have Silent Night on it, swear to God.

We go outside 'n he's, like, gone.

Club Disnesalen

metalLightWork.jpgI spent a week at Club Med - I mean Disneyland - er, Esalen at a writing workshop. I wrote about it here.

mouse swatter

have you seen a mousetrap lately?

they come with plastic cheese! with different sized holes in it even!

looks like a flyswatter, though.

um, they work. quite well, actually. without any cheese aroma enhancements either.

plated bubbles

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does give one pause.

supposedly, it is available at a NYC restaurant. even my foodiest of foodie friends does not know what this is. we are both interested in hearing what it is - if anyone can reveal that.

as enticing as those berries are, grabbing any sort of utensil, well, it just does not come to mind.

so far, the guesses are spittle, rabid dog froth, dishwater soap, insect or spider eggs, coral sperm, fish sperm, ok, some other animal kingdom sperm.

do you know?  or have a guess?

are parachuters ejeculant?

after reading my last post, a friend asked, if people are flying in a plane and eject from the plane, would they be called ejeculant?  ejectulant?

only if they're pushed, I replied.


later he asked, should it be ejackulant since it's a guy?

then ejillulant for women?

or maybe injillulant.

back to the original question - it's probably ejeculate.


I've been working on a new art piece and had it hanging at one of several places I share my ideas in progress.

a friend walked by responding to its latest improvement of little beads hanging below, "ooh, it now has ejaculant."

"like coolant?" I replied.

after an awkward silence, he asked, "isn't that what it's called?"

umm ... I decided to go ahead.  "well, it's e-jac-u-late," I enunciated each syllable, "not e-jac-u-lant."  he looked at me dumbfounded, like I was speaking a different language and these two different sounds were not discernable to him.  I tried again but I got the same look.  we dropped it.

later I was relating the story to another male friend.  I told him that someone had called it ejaculant.  my friend looked at me, waiting for the punch line.  I said, it's e-jac-u-late, not e-jac-u-lant.  three times I repeated it, but same as the last guy, we got nowhere. his chemistry background prompted him to say it's just like precipitant.  I said yeah, it IS just like precipitant, only the word is precipitate. after more online dictionary consultations, he finally agreed although loudly proclaimed that he liked ejaculant better and stomped off muttering something about how nouns and verbs should never be the same word.

just as I was going to post this, I decided to see how many other occurrences of this misspelled word there were.  according to a google search today, there are 145,000 listings for ejaculant as compared to 1.8 million for ejaculate.  seems it is a word fetus on its way to becoming a true individual word of its own someday, maybe, and the joke is on me.

duck lays car


duckLaysCar-close.jpgoff balance from a treacherous delivery?
the story behind this laying.  friends watched a dog that belongs to the woman who also owns this car.  friends brought the dog to this place to give her back to her owner after the owner got back from her trip.  as the friends left, they perched the dog's toy on top of her car.

it is possible the dog is just a few inches taller than this duck.  this doesn't stop her from carrying it everywhere she goes ... by the neck.

correction: yes, it's a goose.  the dog doesn't particularly care for duck although she did quite a number on a frog the other day.  stuffing and frog body parts everywhere.

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